Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky limited edition 2017



Since 2014 the Yamazaki distillery has released annual limited edition single malts. the bottle have shown popularity. each release is a premium single malt of different vintages, some of which have been aged for more than twenty years. percentages of the whisky are added to different types of casks, before being brought together to be bottled. so far, the editions released have been placed in American oak casks, bourbon and sherry casks, European oak casks, and sometimes finished in sherry or port casks. for 2017 version, distillery keeps the information undisclosed leaving the drinkers to guess the mysteries of the bottle.


Yamazaki                                                                          2017
Distillery                                                                           Yamazaki
Whisky Origin                                                                  Japanese
Single Malt                                                                        Yes
Blended                                                                              No
Alcohol Strength                                                               43%
Bottle Size                                                                          700ml
Box                                                                                       Yes
Box Condition                                                                    Good
Label Condition                                                                 Good
Shoulder Level                                                                   Good

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