Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky limited edition 2014



Yamazaki limited edition 2014 often be mistaken as a simple no-aged single malt…due to the inabundance of old whiskies, Suntory offering a limted edition of its Yamazaki single malt. Suntory expertly refines their compositions, proving to us once again that quality does not necessarily require a certain number of years. even if we could consider the Yamazaki limited edition 2014 as an ageless brew, it is a newly assembled work of young and old whiskies that has been aged in barrels of different origins. The Yamazaki limited edition 2014 is composed of three single malts: A single malt aged 20 years in sherry casks made out of European oak ; These barrels were used for maturating red wines. Another single malt aged 20 years in port wine casks made out of European oak ; These barrels were previously used for maturing port wines. A young single malt aged in bourbon barrels made out of American white oak.


Yamazaki                                                                          2014
Distillery                                                                          Suntory
Whisky Origin                                                             Japanese
Single Malt                                                                          Yes
Blended                                                                                 No
Alcohol Strength                                                              43%
Bottle Size                                                                            700ml
Box                                                                                           Yes
Box Condition                                                                     Good
Label Condition                                                                  Good
Shoulder Level                                                                    Good

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