Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky 25 Years LIMITED EDITION



*Packaging may vary

A limited release of Suntory’s award winning whisky, with only about 100 bottles ever made. This Yamazaki single malt whisky, aged 25 years, is specially designed to epitomize Japanese hospitality. Using traditional washi paper, depicting the bamboo forests of Yamazaki, and coming in a paulownia wood case, it is the perfect gift. Sealed with a five-cord ‘Mizuhiki’, which symbolizes joining hands and heart of the giver with the recipient, this is the very essence of Japanese hospitality.


Yamazaki                                                                           25 Years LIMITED EDITION
Distillery                                                                            Yamazaki
Whisky Origin                                                                Japanese
Single Malt                                                                         Yes
Blended                                                                               No
Alcohol Strength                                                            43.3%
Bottle Size                                                                           700ml
Box                                                                                           Yes
Box Condition                                                                     Good
Label Condition                                                                  Good
Shoulder Level                                                                    Good

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