World Whisky Award 2015 Kavalan


Kavalan is from a single malt whisky distillery in Taiwan, China, which has renewed people’s understanding of the hot origin of whisky. Located in Yilan County, the distillery takes its name from the Kavalan tribe, an important local indigenous people. Because Taiwan is not suitable for barley cultivation, the raw materials used here are mainly imported from Scotland, and distilleries are also imported from Scotland. In addition, Kavalan whisky has a lot of Scottish features, which are used for the maturation of Sherry barrels and bourbon barrels. The biggest differences are in the temperature of cooking and the amount of evaporation. The average temperature here is 15 degrees warmer than in Scotland, which means the whisky ripens much faster, and the fact that it evaporates 15 per cent a year, compared with 2-3 per cent a year, is heartbreaking. Kavalan is by no means a small distillery. It has an annual production capacity of up to 1.3 million litres and a wide range of product lines. The award-winning wines are from the Classic Solo Series (Solist), single-barrel original strength whisky aged in casks with a 55.6% alcohol content. The wine has an extremely smooth taste, described by the judge as “bourbon blended with chocolate milk”, and it just sounds appealing enough.


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