World Whisky Award 2017 Craigellachie 31


Craigellachie is in the heart of Speyside and is the largest gathering of wineries in the area. The distillery’s name means “rocky mountain” in Gaelic, because it is so close to the cliff that you can see the distillery on the other side. As a unique presence in scotch whisky, the waxy and sulphide taste is Craigellachie’s most distinctive feature, due not only to the special wheat delivery process at the distillery, but also to the special shaped distiller and worm drum condenser. Craigellachie whiskey is also marked with unusual vintages (13, 17, 23, etc.), including the 31 years of the winning drink. The high alcohol content of 52.2% is evident in the aroma, which is well balanced in the mouth, and the unique waxy character of the winery is even heavier in this aged wine.


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