World Whisky Award 2016 Old Pulteney Vintage 1989


Old Pulteney is located in a highland region, but isolated from the Scottish mainland by large lakes and peat bogs, it produces whisky that makes it unique. It had a thriving herring fishery, a distillery named after Sir William Pulteney, then the head of the British Fisheries Association, and a fishing boat logo that is still in use today hint at Old Pulteney’s oceanic saltiness, with a touch of a different kind of grease. The whisky is distilled in 1989, bottled in 2015, contains 46% alcohol and is limited to 3,210 bottles. It is worth mentioning that the original wine is aged in American bourbon casks that have been matured into The Isle of Ayre peat whisky, giving it a varied peat flavor, which is well integrated with lively fruit flavors and strong spicy flavors.


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