World Whisky Award 2013 Ardbeg Galileo


This year’s winner was an interesting commemorative wine from Ardbeg distillery on The Island of Ayre. As one of the three famous artists in Eirey island, Ardbeg, famous for its heavy peat flavor, is almost equal to the peat flavor level of Lagavulin and Laphroaig. However, it is different in the way of distillation. It reduces the flavor by increasing the reflux during distillation, so that the wine has a special sweet flavor. In addition, Abbe’s whiskies usually retain a high alcohol content and are not cooled and filtered to preserve their original flavor and texture. Named after the astronomer Galileo, the wine was distilled in 1999 and matured in a Cask of Marsala, giving it a distinctly sweet tropical fruit flavour.


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