Springbank 1978 Bottle 1995 (no gift box)



An old official bottling of Springbank distilled in 1978 and bottled in 1995, making this 17 years old. This release was distilled just 1 year before Springbank closed in 1979, once again reopening in 1989. These distillery label official bottlings are few and far between, representing an older style of Springbank from before their 10 year closure. Springbank A name that is synonymous with the world’s most desired whisky, Springbank is truly one of the most sought after brands in scotch whisky. Located in Campbeltown, Scotland, Springbank is known for making three different types of single malt whisky, each with its own peat level and style. Hazelburn is their triple distilled offering utilising barley that has been malted only with hot air and is often matured in sherry casks.The Springbank name is then associated with their medium peat whisky that is distilled 2.5 times and matured in a huge variety of cask types from sherry to bourbon and even rum. Additionally, they produce the Longrow brand which is a double distilled, heavily peated malt that is peated to 50-55 PPM (Phenol Parts per million). Springbank is one of the only distilleries left in Scotland who malt their own barley and distillation, maturation and bottling all take place at the same location. The distillery has been owned by the Mitchell family since 1837 and was closed briefly from 1979 – 1987, a victim of the scotch whisky downturn in the 1980’s. The efforts of the Mitchell family in the last 30 years have allowed Springbank to become a cult whisky, sought after by collectors across the world. The variety of barley, distillation methods, peating levels and cask types have allowed Springbank to create whisky that accommodates every palate and explains the exponential growth the brand has seen in the last decade.


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