Macallan 12 YO Grand Reserve



The Gran Reserva 12 YO was exclusively released to the Japanese & Taiwanese markets, is extremely rare and highly sought after. During the regular nosing which each cask of The Macallan undergoes to ascertain its individual characteristics, it was found that a shipment of particularly pronounced, resonant casks had created a distinctive, dark and profoundly complex malt whisky, unmistakably The Macallan, but with a strong character and style all of its own. In view of the exceptional character and complexity of the whisky in these casks and the current demand from connoisseurs for rare malts at the very top end, we agreed that Gran Reserva should be bottled as a stand alone malt whisky. Named Gran Reserva in acknowledgement of its close involvement with the finest sherry, this rare malt has emerged from over 12 years of cask ageing suffused with rich and complex spicy characters, delicious dried fruit flavours with citrus orange set against a background of rich resinous wood lending the whisky a profound depth of character. Gran Reserva’s richness of colour, its full, resinous, spicy character and complex fruit flavours mark it out as a malt steeped in the impeccable pedigree of The Macallan, owing much to both its Scottish ancestry and its Spanish oak sherry wood heritage. The design of the Gran Reserva packaging echoes this pedigree and marries classic Macallan imagery with Spanish themes.


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