Karuizawa Fuji View Batch 11


The 1999-2000 cask strength series comes from the final years of the distilleries production. This comes from the same batch of casks as the highly popular Karuizawa Asama series. The 11th edition presents the “Cushion Pine at Aoyama”. A depcition of Mount Fuji from the garden of Ryüganji, a Zen temple also famous for its fantastic pine tree. With its enormously outspread branches, the canopy of this tree looks like a gigantic green cushion; thus it was called the Cushion-pine. Some branches were over 42 feet long and could not bear their own weight, so they were supported by stilts. Each branch and its pine needles are executed in minute detail. People during the Edo period would like to spend their time in Cushion-pine with a little sip of alcohol and feel the beauty of nature. This bottle of Karuizawa Whisky will bring you to the garden and enjoy the fabulous taste.


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