Karuizawa 36 Views of Mount Fuji 24th Release


This Karuizawa Cask Strength “36 Views of Aoshima Enoshima” is a 1999-2000 whisky vintage single malt from the legendary, long lost distillery. Matured in a single cask, it is as collectable as it is beautiful. The stunning label design, elegant black box and incredibly dark liquid inside make this expression one that will stand out in even the most impressive whisky collections. The perfect bottle for the avid collector.

Ushibori was a small inland harbor on Lake Kasumi-ga-ura. The focus of the print is a large boat and a man washing rice; the cast-off water startles two herons, which fly toward the left edge of the print.


  • Karuizawa                                    36 Views of Mount Fuji 24th Release
  • Distillery                                     Karuizawa
  • Whisky Origin                           Japanese
  • Single Malt                                 Yes
  • Blended                                      No
  • Alcohol Strength                      60.7%
  • Bottle Size                                 700ml
  • Box                                             Yes                                   
  • Box Condition                          Good
  • Label Condition                       Good
  • Shoulder Level                         Good

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