Karuizawa 36 Views of Mount Fuji 22nd Release


Karuizawa Whisky — Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji — Tama River in Musashi Province 1999 – 2000. The Tama River is one of the major rivers that flow through Tokyo. This painting featuring a morning at the Tama River, when the river was covered by a heavy pink fog. A small boat is crossing the river quietly; at that moment, fog slightly burn off and here come the Mt. Fuji.


  • Karuizawa                                    36 Views of Mount Fuji 22nd Release
  • Distillery                                     Karuizawa
  • Whisky Origin                            Japanese
  • Single Malt                                  Yes
  • Blended                                        No
  • Alcohol Strength                        60.8%
  • Bottle Size                                    700ml
  • Box                                                Yes
  • Box Condition                             Good
  • Label Condition                          Good
  • Shoulder Level                            Good

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