Hibiki 17 Years Limited Edition Crysanthemum and Crane



Suntory is the oldest whisky making company in japan. Its origins stretch back to a small shop, started in 1899 by Torii Shinjiro, which specialized in selling imported wines. Today, it is the country’s largest and most recognizable producer of quality whisky. Of all its products, the Hibiki remains the most popular, having been chosen as the best whisky in the world on several occasions. For anyone who has tried this flagship product from Suntory, this should come as no surprise. There are 24 facets on every Hibiki decanter bottle, representing 24 hours a day as well as 24 seasons under the lunar calendar which symbolize the ancient tradition of “Sekki” – the age-old Japanese lunar calendar. It perfectly embodies the beauty of Japanese nature and craftsmanship. This bottle is one for the collector or for special occasions.


  • Hibiki                          17 Years LIMITED EDITION
  • Distillery                  Suntory
  • Whisky Origin      Japanese
  • Single Malt             No
  • Blended                    Yes
  • Alcohol Strength 43%
  • Bottle Size               700ml
  • Box                               Yes
  • Box Condition       Good
  • Label Condition    Good
  • Shoulder Level      Good
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